ATF-Long 20 mg, #40



Indications and usage:

ATF-Long is used as part of complex therapy in the following cases:

– CAD;

– Exertional stenocardia and resting stenocardia;

– Unstable stenocardia;

– Myocardial cardiosclerosis and postinfarction cardiosclerosis (local and diffuse);

– Supra-ventricular tachycardia, paroxysmal tachycardia;

– Myocardiodystrophy;

– Vegetovascular dystonia;

– Myocarditis;

– Other heart rhythm disorders.

ATF-Long is used in hyperuricemia of various origin, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as in order to improve tolerance towards physical activities.

Dosage and administrations:

10-40 mg 3-4 times a day. Average treatment duration is 20-30 days. Retreatment course in 10-15 days may be given.

Treatment of arrhythmia and acute cardiological conditions: single dose (10-40 mg) is administered in 10 minutes after acute symptomatology reversal. Maximum daily dose is 400-600 mg.

Adverse effects: occasionally – nausea, abdominal pain and sense of discomfort, allergic reactions. In case of long-term and uncontrolled administration – hypermagnesaemia  and hyperkalemia.


ATF-Long is contraindicated in patients with acute myocardial infarction, hypermagnesaemia  and hyperkalemia, severe forms of bronchial asthma, haemorrhagic stroke, AV blockade of II-III stage, hypersensitivity to drug components. ATF-Long is not used in pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Pregnancy and lactation period: there is no information on safety and efficacy of ATF-Long administration in pregnant women. Breast-feeding women should not use ATF-Long.

Overdosage: symptoms: brachycardia, arterial hypotension and atrio-ventricular block.

Treatment: in case of the following side effects the medication should be immediately withdrawn. In case of brachycardia the injection of atropine sulfate is needed.


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