Bifidumbacterin (Bifidumbacterinum) powder #10




Indications and usage of Bifidumbacterin: acute intestinal infections, intestinal dysbacteriosis, chronic inflammatory diseases of large and small intestine, intestinal dysfunctions associated with dysbacteriosis, long-term intestinal dysfunction, complex treatment in children with sepsis (blood poisoning with purulent inflammation microbes), pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs), sanation of female reproductive tract (diseases treatment and prevention), prenatal preparation in pregnant with vaginal production abnormalities, senile colpitis, prevention of mastitis in breast-feeding women.

Dosage and administration:

Adults with intestinal dysbacteriosis: PO, 5 doses 3 times/day. Treatment duration depends on the severity of clinical manifestations (as a rule – 2-4 weeks, in individual cases – up to 3 months).

Prevention of intestinal dysbacteriosis – PO, 5 doses 1-2 times/day for 1-2 weeks.

Intestinal dysbacteriosis in infants in risk group – from the first days of life, PO, 1-2 doses 3 times/day. Children over 6 months – PO, 3 doses 3 times/day. Infants should get the medicine immediately before feeding. Children over 6 months and older – 5 doses 2-3 times/day, PO.

Prevention of intestinal dysbacteriosis in children with sepsis, pneumonia and other

suppurative infectious diseases – PO, 2-3 doses 3 times/day. If there is a risk of GIT dysfunctions and necrotizing enterocolitis, the dosage should be stepped up to 10 doses.

Before the administration, put the content of the sachet powder into the glass and dilute it with water of indoor temperature (+18-+20 °С) in an amount of 5 ml (1 teaspoon) for 1 dose of the medication. Stir the mixture for 10-15 minutes. 1 teaspoon of the suspended solid contains 1 dose of the preparation. Administrate 20-30 minutes before meals. Use the suspended solid at once, do not store it.


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